The Bible and False Doctrine

The Bible and False Doctrine

The Bible is the only book we have at High School Road, besides our song books.  

Over the years since Christ's death and resurrection, man has created all kinds of books, creeds, and false doctrines which have misled many people and caused division.  Christ warned us of this, but still the questions stand:  Is this what Christ wanted when he spoke of the rock of confession and his church in Matt. 16:18?  Was it the intent of Paul in his work to make sure Christians be divided when he wrote the church at Corinth in I Corinthians 1:10-11?  That answer is obviously, No.

At High School Road we have only One Book, the inspired word (II Tim. 3:16-17) because One (Eph.4:3-6) is all Christ had intended for us to have. 

We, the members of High School Road church of Christ want to engage you in thought, in questioning that church you may have grown up in, and ask yourself, Is the Truth Taught.  Are you worshipping the Lord in Spirit and in truth.  

High School Road is composed of members, who were once members of various denominations.  They will tell you that after studying the Word of God solely they found the Truth in God's Word.  Please look at all parts of our site and learn all you can, but most of all Join Us.  Below are some links and materials that may be of use to you in your search for truth.