Cancelled Bible Study Classes Effectice June 17th

We are reverting back to no Bible classes and No evening Services until July 19th due to some recent symptoms of our membership.  All are ok and self quarantining at this time.  It is the intent of eldership to be pro-active and continue sanitation efforts while reducing exposure.  We will only have Sunday morning 10:30am Worship Services starting with cancellation this evening and going until July 19th.  

Parking Lot Services Until July 19th

Eldership has decided to have one worship service at 10:30am on Sundays in the parking lot until July 19th to more safely prevent Any COVID exposures. At that point the plan is to return to services regularly. We will continue zoom studies and livestream studies on Facebook and YouTube.

Reverting back to limited services

We are reverting back to no Bible classes and No evening Services until July 19th due to some recent symptoms of our membership.  All are ok and self quarantining at this time.  It is the intent of eldership to continue sanitation efforts.  We will only have Sunday morning 10:30am Worship Services until July 19th.  

Regular Service Times

Regular Service Times have resumed: Sunday Morning 9:30 Studies Sunday Morning 10:30 Worship Sunday Evening 6:00 Worship Wednesday Evening 7:30 Studies Also don’t forget our Live stream Broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube of Prove All Things Q&A Show.

Sunday Morning Services

5-16-2020 Tomorrow 5-17-2020 we will resume use of the building for services. Our services will be at 9:30am for Spanish studies and 10:30am for our joint worship service. Evening and Wednesday Studies at the building will continue to be cancelled for the time being. It will be wonderful to hear the saints voices again. Keep in mind we will still be practicing appropriate sanitation and distancing methods during these services.

Update for Sunday’s Service

The High School Road Church will have a Drive-in Service at 10:30 am on Sunday. This is in accord with the Indiana Governor's demand that our worship be carried out in this fashion. It is inconvenient but we can make it work and it allows us to be together to worship. This will, of course, be in the parking lot of our building at 3103 North High School Road.You should park on the north side of the building facing the building. I will be speaking from one of those windows. You will be told to tune your automobile radio to the appropriate FM station. You will also be furnished with a self contained container with the elements of the Lord's Supper. We will sing, pray, partake of the Supper, and there will be a brief sermon. There will also be an opportunity to contribute. The governor has proclaimed that the Rest Room facilities will not be available (Thus the brief sermon). Several have not attended for several weeks. Perhaps this will afford you the opportunity to attend. I hope to see you there to remember our obligation to the Lord. Please share this with those who might not have access to either Facebook or the internet John Welch for the elders.

Sunday Services resume

We will resume Worship on Sundays at 10:30 am during this period of Covid-19 Concern.  We are practicing good sanitation efforts as recommended for church gatherings by CDC.  This will be our only service at this time.  Spanish members will meet at 9:30 am on Sundays for a class.  Other services will continue to be cancelled at this time.

Cancelled Sunday 3-29-20

Dear Brethren, We are aware of growing concern for potential exposure to the Coronavirus. As a precautionary step therefore, the elders have decided that it is prudent to cancel services for this coming Sunday, March 29, 2020. We would urge you to spend some time Sunday with your family in devotion to God, perhaps through reading scripture or praying together. The elders urge you to continue to pray with us for the end of this situation and for the well-being of our brethren, family and friends. We appreciate your understanding as we face this difficult decision. Yours, The Elders John Welch Bill Whitaker Allen McKee

COVID service time changes

During the COVID-19 situation: Service times will only be: Sunday 9:30am Spanish Class and 10:30am Congregational Worship Service. Our communion efforts will be carried out under new sanitary methods with individualized prepackaged Fruit of the Vine and Bread. Other times of services are cancelled until further notice.

Lectures this week

Please join us this week for lectures at High School road church of Christ: See Link for schedule. SCHEDULE

Prove All Things!

Our YouTube "Prove All Things" Broadcast will air LIVE on Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern. We hope you can join us, discuss your faith, and have your questions answered.