Meeting Nov 7th

Meeting November 7-10th with Wayne Greeson.  Sunday services will be at normal time.  Monday-Wednesday will be at 7pm.  We would be honored to have you and encouraged to listen to the word of God with you.

Sunday August 15th 2021

Sunday August 15th at HighSchool Rd. church of Christ, due to traffic restrictions, we will have an 8am Worship service only.


Please attend the upcoming debate on the AD 70 Doctrine with John Watson and John Welch.  We will have in person seating and online availability.  See link for information.  We will begin at 7pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Prove All Things!

Our YouTube "Prove All Things" Broadcast will air LIVE on Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern. We hope you can join us, discuss your faith, and have your questions answered.